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good food day yesterday :))

met up with christinechang, janicechang, timlee, and christianlee at 12pm and we all went to BRUXIE which is a waffle sandwich shop at downtown brea, and it is DELICIOUS. what? waffles and turkey with avocado? what? IT’S GOOD. TRUST ME. 
and ohmygoodness. they’re waffle fries are BETTER THAN CHICK-FIL-A’S. IT’S AMAZING. 

afterwards, we found a FERRELL’S ICECREAM shop that just opened up in downtown brea, but actually, it’s not really “open” until the 26th, and that day they were having a private event for them VIP’s, so we couldn’t go in. boo them. 

but instead, we went to RITEAID and got some gooood thrifty’s icecream <33 

went back home, slept for four hours, then woke up, and got SUSHI with my sister and faza. :))

i loove sushi. 
i loove waffles.
i loove icecream.

what a goooood day :)))) 

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